Roadmap June 2021

Roadmap June 2021

This month will be in the name of crypto assets and developing my new personal webspace.

Goals, Priorities, Direction

first order

  • Create this webspace using hugo with the adjusted theme
  • Publish this website on netlify
  • Purchase a domain and establish camp with this webspace
  • Start using my Artix Machine in my professional work
  • I’ll continue using my previous blog on the work machine and therefore update my State with GatsbyJS
  • By doing all the above I will automatically improve with vim and the LunarVim ecosystem
  • I am looking to invest some of my assets in certain crpyto spaces and slowly learn the technqiues of trading
  • Listen to Quality YT like Morning Invest, Coin Bereau and the likes to inform myself further in this field
  • Improve the sound / audio of my mic
  • Look for further ways to improve live stream with overlay / plugins etc.
  • Finish Gimp Course on Skillshare
  • Learn how to stream on YT in parallel
  • Link YT / TW chats

second order

  • Inform the ins and outs of Dfinity
  • Learn developing on Dfinity
  • THM Rooms / Modules