Creating HEXOR

Creating HEXOR

For a long while that I can recall, I was working on a new project called HEXOR. It involves the HEX Smart Contract and the Gnosis Safe. The latter is a sort of Tresor for your funds hence the name HEXOR.

The development taught me a few things about the web3 space and made me familiarize myself with a few new frameworks. The following is a list of used technologies for this project:

Of course, the project took much longer than I expected but it was overall a good and fun learning experience for me.

Sure, there was also a lot of pain involved and much questioning of the overall thing and it’s usage.

But learning the new stuff along the way and using it practically kept me going.

In the end, the whole thing is also useful for me and probably that was the ultimate driver behind my action.

With the new gained knowledge I can further build open this project or on other web3 based.

There is still much I can add to this project and I leave it open where I am going next.